bkash Software , Automatic dbbl,bkash Software server with mobile banking software server & flexiload bkash software server security Dhaka Bangladesh. Spacial Note: We sell the Auto Flexiload Bkash software only for Lawful authorize person. If you don’t have any Government issued business documents so please don’t call or Contact with us. We also develop the source code or sales the source code for those person who want to make business with their own server or want to make a business with this software You are most welcome.

We give you a devoted and benevolent usable programmed flexiload framework server. Presently here you can tweak your site as your desire and need. Presently an incredible profoundly designed your framework. You get full opportunity arrangement framework on your server. You will be extremely happy to utilize our gave framework.

Programmed Flexilod burden is a shrewd and most well known flexiload Software. Everyone needs to spare his time. Programmed flexiload Software spare your important time by many number reviving in a minute. It will be appealing to you and increasingly productive of your business. You might energize a huge countable of versatile number at once.

  • Instant Automatic Recharge
  • Supports Multiple Modems for Single Operator
  • Manual Action & Refund
  • Live Balance Update
  • Two step login security & Notification
  • Package Management
  • Complain System
  • Integrated HTTP API
  • Pin & Password expire date
  • Access logs & Request Logs
  • Various Security settings & Reports.


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